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The company was founded in 1993 in the spirit of endeavouring to build upon the history of traditional Czech puppetry and theatre. In 1995, the company expanded its operations to include working with Czech manufacturers of toys and artists engaged in creating things for children, and later with the manufacturers of historic chess sets, brain teasers, replicas of historic weapons, and hand-painted creations. The company’s objective is to continue propagating and disseminating Czech folk creations. Have a look at and lose yourself in our world of toys and art.

Our pension Pohádka offers you the opportunity to see and purchase original puppets that depict selected people from history. The puppets are the work of Čestmír HanzaWith each puppet you will receive a certificate personally signed by its creator certifying the originality and authenticity of the puppet. These puppets are 50 cm high

Our company also operates several shops which focus on the sale of Czech creations. We provide guests of our pension with a 10% discount on items in our shops.

About the creator of original puppets, which are collectors’ gems

Čestmír Hanza (born in 1947 in Prague)

  • Artist, musician, translator, and interpreter.
  • During his studies he was a member of several big beat and jazz bands.
  • His work has been published in music magazines. He has translated Russian and French texts.
  • He is the recipient of several awards for the translation of fiction.
  • In 1988 he began making original 50 cm puppets.
  • Since 1990 he has created over one hundred designs.
  • His puppets are collected by people from the Czech Republic and abroad.
  • He has had exhibitions in many European countries and overseas.
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